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Nový Jičín [ Village or Town/City ]

ČCCR Project
ČCCR Project "Krásná země (Beautiful Country)" visited Nový Jičín on July 25th
The town of Novy Jicin was founded in 13th century on amber-trading-path traversing northeast Moravia near the north foothills of the Beskydy. The efforts of Zerotin noble family to support construction activities in 16th century contributed most to its appearance. The Zerotin Castle is one of the most attractive sights in the region. As a seat of District HomelandStudy Museum it hosts many temporary exhibitions permanent exposition of hats as well, to bring to attention traditional textile production which together with light manufacturing spurred the flourish of town in 18 to 19th century. The town attracts public with composition balance of its square surrounded with arcades and rectangle neighboring little streets founded in the late medieval times. The oldest building called Old Post (1653), today?s Town Cultural Center makes pleasant atmosphere for summer classical and modern cultural events enjoyed by citizens and visitors. Cultural life is enriched by two historical
infantry regiment commemorating famous general Laudon, died in 1790 in Novy Jicin. The first weekend in September the town open-air festival is the frosting of the cake of summer cultural activities. Throughout the year everybody can enjoy a fine selection of theatre plays performed in recently remodeled Beskydy Theatre.
Town Heritage Area (proclaimed in 1967) is not a conservative monument of history but enjoys a lively circulation and changes everyday stereotype reality into attractive show place. In 1991 Novy Jicin became a member of Association of Heritage Areas in Bohemia, Moravia and Silezia. Thanks to its excellent solicitude about historically valuable buildings and its effort to make the town a live center, The 4th European Heritage Days, a prestigious national event was organized. In 2001 Novy Jicin won the price " Historical town of the year 2001".

The district size is 4 478 ha

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