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It will be possible to visit Technical museum Tatra and new museum Schustalla's villa during the December. Read the opening time below please: 19. 12. 04 CLOSED 20. 12. 04 open 21. 12. 04 open 22. 12. 04 open 23. 12. 04 CLOSED 24. 12. 04 CLOSED 25. 12. 04 CLOSED ...
Regional museum Koprivnice/Technical museum Tatra is sorry to inform you, that it will be not possible to enter the exhibition of Dana and Emil Zatopek from 1. 6. 2005
Technical museum Tatra together with Fojtstvi museum, they will be closed on monday 28. 03. 2005.
[celý text][Sokolovna, zveřejněno 15.03.2005]
Price list for year 2010.
[celý text][Hotel Stadion TJ Rožnov, zveřejněno 07.03.2005]
Check these schedules to know when is best to visit our museums during the Christmas and New Year.
Museum Fojststvi will be open only from 9 to 12 (on saturday 25.-th of august) due the technical reasons.
6.8.-12.8.2007(Mon.13h.-Sun.15h.) !!! NEW OPEN !!! Essence of LOVE - 1 week of intensive tantric retreat for couples only!!!! -deep healing, understanding, celebrating of body and love in couple as mirrors -Osho meditations,dance, massages, sharing etc.. -every ...
[celý text][OSHO TIMES, zveřejněno 21.08.2004]
Alchemy of the 3rd Chakra: Transforming Power Power strategies versus true strength and freedom This group is an intensive exploration into the strategies of the ego’s drive for "power" - the desire to dominate or the fear of being in one’s power; competing in the hierarchy ...
[celý text][OSHO TIMES, zveřejněno 21.08.2004]
The State Spa of Karlova Studánka
Check the unique photos - difficult renovation work on the engine T 603A (for military van Tatra 805)
We just prepared brand new entrance fee discount, which will be valid from 1. 7. 2004.
He passed away on monday (21. 6. 2004). Major Czechoslovak designer died in his 87 years. The name of Zdenek Kovar was connected with Tatra company mainly due his authorship on personal car Tatra 603.
Our website visitors could find Annual report for evaluated year 2003. This report is available under Documents link and is published in Czech language only.
The State Spa of Karlova Studánka

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