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Město Bojkovice

Tourist attractions in the village of Hostětín [ Sight ]

The sculptures erected in the surroundings of Hostětín

In the summer of 2002, a two-week symposium of Czech and Slovak sculptors took place in the village of Hostětín.The organizers of the symposium were inspired by the timber statues erected in the Pivečka forest park in the near-by Slavičín;this is why they decided to locate the collection of new sculptures in the surroundings of the following villages:Hostětín, Šanov, Pitín and Rokytnice. The artists from both countries have erected 15 sculptures, which are located in the close vicinity of observation points, fountains,local storied places or holy places. Numerous orchards represent one of the typical features of the Hostětín region, shaping the typical White Carpathian scenery as the mosaic of fields,gardens, orchards, meadows and greenwoods.The natural materials used in the sculptures (oak and sandstone) point out the existence of a close touch between the man and the nature and their mutual benefit.


Type: Sight
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